Frequently Asked Questions


Why has Israel for Youth chosen to focus on Year 10 Israel programs?

International research shows that participating in Year 10 Israel Programs give Jewish youth closer connections to the Jewish community, and to Israel.

Rising out of findings from the Gen08 survey, Youth 2 Israel (Y2i) was established in Sydney in 2014 to serve NSW, ACT & QLD. Ten years later, the Gen17 Survey specifically identified the need for a similar organisation in Melbourne and so Israel for Youth was created not just for the Melbourne community but also for the rest of Australia (not covered by Y2i).

Israel for Youth strongly believes that increased participation in Year 10 Israel programs will have a profound impact on shaping, building and ensuring a strong Jewish identity for our future community. 

Has this been done before?

The short answer to this question is yes, but only for students in NSW, QLD & ACT by Youth 2 Israel (Y2i). Israel for Youth recognised the outstanding success of Y2i and the need for a similar organisation covering other states and territories in Australia.

Here's the backstory to Y2i...

In 2014, to test the assumption that cost was a significant barrier to student participation in Year 10 Israel programs, a foundation in NSW gifted $500,000 to provide 100 non-income tested grants of $5,000, in and out of the Jewish day school system. The result was a 50% increase in participation on the previous year. From this, Y2i was established.

Do we really need this sort of organisation?

The numbers below speak for themselves...

In 2016 there were 31 participants in the 6-week UJEB Year 10 Israel Trip (with another 44 from BJE).

In 2017 there were 30 across two programs – 25 in a Melbourne only 3.5-week UJEB Israel Trip (no longer run) and 5 from Melbourne in the 6-week BJE Israel Trip (with another 67 from BJE).

In 2018 there were 19 participants in the 6-week UJEB Year 10 Israel Trip (with another 70 from BJE).

In 2019 there are 25 participants in the 6-week UJEB Year 10 Israel Trip (with another 74 from BJE).

As the word spreads about the Israel for Youth Foundation and UJEB’s Year 10 Israel Trip, we believe this will grow to much larger numbers in future years.

What support has been provided to date for the UJEB Israel Trip?

Over the past four years, prior to the establishment of the Israel for Youth Foundation, UJEB has received ad hoc donations from year to year.

What if additional assistance is required for the cost of the program?

Families will need to speak to UJEB about this.

Where does Israel for Youth Foundation get funds from?

A number of donors - families and philanthropic groups - are supporting this endowment fund.

What level of observance do you have to have to attend the program?

The UJEB program is for all Jewish students who attend non-Jewish schools and regardless of their religious background. The program offers services for religious (including Kosher food) and non-religious students according to each student’s requirements. 

Please speak to UJEB for more information.

What is a typical timeline for the program?

March: Information session for parents and students

April: Program registration forms are emailed out to families

May - June: Interviews take place

July - August: Applications are assessed and final decisions are made by the program provider

September: Final balances to be paid

September - November: Pre-program activities commence

Early December: Students depart